Heroku workshop - Java

Application Logging

To write to the unified Heroku logs (Logplex) from your application, simply write to standard out (stdout) or standard error (stderr). This makes it easy to log from anywhere in your application code with a simple output statement.

Java applications

In your Java application code you can use the System.out and System.err calls to push messages to the Heroku unified log

System.out.println("Hello, this is a general log message");  
System.err.println("Error: Something has gone wrong!");

Add the following standard error to the Java application

private void showHome(HttpServletRequest req, HttpServletResponse resp)
        throws ServletException, IOException {
      System.out.println("Elevate Java application says hello"); 

Hello from my wonderful Java app!

"); }

See the log message appear by visiting your web application whist running the Heroku logs

heroku logs --tail

Heroku Toolbelt - heroku logs --tail - application logging


All the changes above are also in a branch of the Git repository you initially cloned. So, as an alternative to the above, you can checkout the branch logging-from-app and merge it into the master branch. Then push the change merged into master to Heroku.

git checkout logging-from-app
git checkout master
git merge logging-from-app
git push heroku master