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Heroku Metrics

Heroku Metrics system is designed to make it simple for you to analyze and optimize performance of your applications on Heroku. It provides a unified view of the data most relevant performance characteristics:

  • Throughput: requests per minute segmented by HTTP status codes (OK vs. Failed) per time period.
  • Response Time: both the median and 95th percentile response times per time period.
  • Errors: platform error codes are interpolated with the rest of your time series data for better understanding of causality.
  • Memory: visualise the memory utilization to assessing capacity, find memory leaks, or identify performance degradation due to swap.
  • CPU Load: track load especially when processing intensive workloads, or running high levels of in-process parallelism.

Metrics requires two or more dynos to be running on your app. You also need to run your application on load for a while to build up metrics data.

There are load and stress testing services available at addons.heroku.com

Heroku addons - load testing