Heroku workshop - Java

Tracing deployment with Git Log

Git log has a visual represtentation of changes called the graph. The graph can show where changes have been committe across different branches. The graph can also show which commits have been pushed to the remote repositories added to the local repository.

So using Git log you can see quickly see what changes have been pushed across all your environments

Git log - graph view with decorations

Use git log to see which commits have been deployed across all the environments (Heroku apps) you have created so far (or if you are using a Graphical tool for git, look for a graph view of the Git log)

Create some additional commits locally and push them through your environments, each time checking git log to show the progress.

To see git log present its output in graph representation, use the following command:

git log --oneline --graph --decorate

The --oneline option show just the essential commit information all on one line. The --graph option shows a visual representation of the commit history, including branching and merging. The --decorate option shows where each branch, tag and repository name against their most current commit.

Hint You can create an alias for git log on the command line with the options you regularly use, to make the command easier to use.