Heroku workshop - Java

pgAdmin graphical Postgres client

A common tool for Postgres administration tasks is pgAdmin.

Connect to your Heroku postgres database using the pgAdmin tool

Install pgAdmin by following the instructions on the pgAmdin download page.

View your database connection settings by visiting the Resource tab of your application in the Heroku dashboard. Click on the Heroku Postgress addon name to open its dashboard view.

Heroku Postgres dashboard - connection settings

Run the pgadmin3 tool and add a server connection using the Heroku Postgres details from your app.

pgAdmin connection properties

Once the server is added you can see the databases on that server

pgAdmin connection

Find your database and select it:

pgAdmin database properties

Open the SQL editor to run queries on the database directly:

pgAdmin sql editor

Run the following sql command in the editor to see all the ticks in your database

select tick from ticks;

If the sql query returns no results, visit the website of your application and add db/ to the end of the address.