Heroku workshop - Java

Getting Started

This section helps you set up the accounts & tools needed for this workshop.

Here is a quick overview of the requirements and a way to check, if you have already been using Heroku:

Requirement Check
An Internet connection visit: www.google.co.uk
An Heroku account visit: www.heroku.com and login
The Heroku Toolbelt on the command line: heroku version
Authenticated access to your Heroku account on the command line: heroku login
A Git Client on the command line: git --version
Git name & email configured on the command line: git config --list
Java Software Development Kit on the command line: javac -version
Play Framework (optional) on the command line: activator
An Github account visit: www.github.com and login

If everything is in place, then skip to Deploy sample app

If you need to set up any of the requirements, then continue with this section.

The requirements are specific to this workshop. To use Heroku outside of this workshop, the minimum you need is an Heroku account and any Git client (or dropbox).