Heroku workshop - Java

Create an Heroku Account

You can create a free account at the Heroku website. You need an account in order to deploy and manage your applications on Heroku.

  1. Go to: https://signup.heroku.com
  2. Enter your first name, last name and email address (which you can access during the workshop)
  3. Pick the main language you develop with, eg. Java
  4. Select Create Free Account
  5. Check your email for a message from Heroku, click the link to confirm your account.
  6. On the account confirmation page, enter a suitable password for your account.

Here is the signup process in screenshots:


Heroku sign up

Check your email

Heroku post signup

Confirmation email

Heroku email confirm

Set password and login

Heroku password set

Password set and ready to visit Heroku dashboard

Heroku account complete