Heroku workshop - Java

Starting the Dyno

Although we have told Heroku how to run the process for our application, we may need to tell it to start a resource to run that process. These resources are called Dynos.

A dyno is the name Heroku uses to represent the resources you can use to run you application. Rather than use heavy weight virtual machines, your process is run in a lightweight container.

So how to we start our dyno ?

Using the Heroku Toolbelt, use the following command to start up 1 dyno to run our web process

heroku ps:scale web=1

Heroku Toolbelt - scale to 1 dyno

Now our application is running and you can either refresh the browser window/tab or run heroku open to view the running application.

Application - initial release

Okay, so our application works although it does not do a great deal. It is a base on which to develop and we know our deployment process works.