Heroku workshop - Java

Define the Java version used

So far we have just let Heroku use what ever is the default version of Java. However we can easily specify a specific version using a system.properties file.

The detection of languages and frameworks is done via Heroku Buildpacks, open source scripts that define how a language is detected, assembled and run. Heroku installs the Java environment automatically when it detects a pom.xml file in the root directory of your project.

Java versions

Heroku installs OpenJDK automatically when a Java appliction is detected. The versions available are 1.6, 1.7 and 1.8.

Specify a specific version of Java to install for your application

Create a new file called system.properties. Edit the file and enter the following:


Add the system.properties file to your local git repository and push the change to Heroku.

git add system.properties
git commit -m "defining specific version of Java to install for the application"
git push heroku master


All the changes above are also in a branch of the Git repository you initially cloned. So, as an alternative to the above, you can checkout the branch java-version and merge it into the master branch. Then push the change merged into master to Heroku.

git checkout java-version
git checkout master
git merge java-version
git push heroku master