Welcome to AgileForce

Welcome to the AgileForce website, a community site to help you learn how to create apps on the Salesforce platform using Agile principles and practices.

The Salesforce platform itstelf is developed in an agile mannor by the teams at Salesforce, using a mixture of practices from Scrum and Lean software development. We will try to give some insight into the practices used, helping demonstrate how Salesforce created a platform you can trust.

This site will be a mixture of articles, tutorials and workshops to help you on your journey with the Salesforce platform. To start with, here are several workshops that help you gain practical experience with the Salesforce platform


There are also workbooks and tutorials at the developer.salesforce.com website, along with free developer environments and all the other resources you may need.

Community content

There are many great tutorials in the wider Salesforce community, here are just a few:

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The AgileForce Team