London's Calling You, Salesforce

London’s Calling to all the far away towns & cities of the UK for the last few months and the Salesforce community answered that call, turning up in their hundreds.

So today I have been surrounded by many of the brightest and best minds in the UK and across Europe & the Middle East too.

Here is what I discovered today in several parts:

  • Part 1: Getting Agile with Salesforce & Testing
  • Part 2: A career of fun & discovery
  • Part 3: Lightning to the Salesforce nation

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Managing Metadata With Git and Force CLI

In this article we will show you how to save the app you are building for the Salesforce Hackathon in Git using the Salesforce CLI.

The CLI is a really powerful tool for interacting with your Salesforce Org. You can create new custom object, run queries and in this case download all the Metadata or any part of the Metadata from your Org.

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Getting Started With Github for Versioning Salesforce Metadata

Using Git, Github and the CLI you can easily record all the changes you make to the behaviour of your Salesforce Org. Having a history of all the changes can be invaluable, allowing an easy way to track down issues and document how your Org was developed.

In this guide we will cover a very easy way to use Git and the essentials of the CLI. You can of course download all your Salesforce Org Metadata with other tools such as MavensMate and IDE.

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Welcome to AgileForce

Welcome to the AgileForce website, a community site to help you learn how to create apps on the Salesforce platform using Agile principles and practices.

The Salesforce platform itstelf is developed in an agile mannor by the teams at Salesforce, using a mixture of practices from Scrum and Lean software development. We will try to give some insight into the practices used, helping demonstrate how Salesforce created a platform you can trust.

This site will be a mixture of articles, tutorials and workshops to help you on your journey with the Salesforce platform. To start with, here are several workshops that help you gain practical experience with the Salesforce platform

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